Value is created when ideas are transformed into sustainable products.

Investment of one's personal assets is never a totally rational matter. Return on invested capital alone is not the sole consideration. Emotional factors also come into play.

Real values

A tangible asset corresponds much more closely to the average investor's emotional wishes than most abstract financial products. Material assets like real estate satisfy the investor's need for authenticity, self-determination, transparency, and capital conservation.

Idealistic values

Tangible assets have now acquired a second dimension. Yield orientation and sustainable behavior are nowadays linked more closely than ever before. Economic, social, and ethical values are now equally weighted in investment decisions. It is not enough that financial products based on tangible investments have to be of good quality, they also need to be sustainable. That applies across the board from office and residential accommodation and big infrastructure projects to energy generation. Deutsche SachCapital is conscious of this redefinition of values in the financial market and makes due allowance for. This is what creation of sustainable products from good ideas is all about.