Responsibility takes roots in the details but impacts the whole.

The demand for secure financial investments is growing. Principles that have dominated the choice of investment opportunities in the past no longer satisfy the needs of present-day investors.

Demand for more self-determination

Investors are now seeking significantly more security in their investments and want to regain influence on the relevant decision processes. Investment companies should support this demand for more self-determination. They should direct their attention to parameters that go beyond profitability, like transparency of cash flows, accessibility of investments, such as transparency of market value.

Long-term overall contribution

These parameters are, of course, additional to the basic considerations applying to any form of financial investment, like simplicity, relevance, and the understandability of background information. Deutsche SachCapital satisfies this need for self-determination in accordance with the relevant legal requirements, thereby making a long-term contribution to strengthening confidence in the financial market.