Structure. Responsibility. Values.

Deutsche SachCapital enables asset managers and issuing houses to initiate their investment projects as regulated investment funds (AIFs) within the German Capital Investment Code (KAGB). As AIFM we fulfill all regulatory requirements and possess not only the level of competence required by the supervisory authority and the necessary infrastructure, but also years of experience in the planning, marketing, and management of tangible assets. We take action to ensure that the managed assets are ideally structured for the future and use our clients' innovative concepts to design responsible investment products, thereby making an active contribution to sustainable development of their holdings.

Structure sets limits and creates room to maneuver.

Stability, order, and security are characteristics that are steadily gaining more and more importance in a networked and increasingly virtual world that is constantly speeding up. The financial sector supports the introduction of reliable quality standards and, consequently, regulatory limits, provided that these leave the necessary freedom of action.

Responsibility starts in the details and has impacts on the whole.

The demand for secure financial investments is growing. Principles that have dominated the choice of investment opportunities in the past no longer satisfy the needs of present-day investors.